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SBY-Israel is a privately held security consulting and project management company specializing in operational security solutions and services.

Based on extensive conceptual and operational experience, SBY-Israel provides a secure and safe environment for our customers’ businesses, enabling them to protect their assets, operations, facilities and people while maintaining their day-to-day activities uninterrupted.

SBY is recognized for our proven success in establishing and managing complex security arrays for governments and global corporations in Israel and abroad.

security services

SBY’s Security Solutions are based on our proven work methodologies, detailed risk and threat analysis and vulnerability assessment. We understand the specific needs of each organization, as well as the environment in which it operates. 

Our first priority is to create operational security solutions designed to PREVENT any lapse in security.  However, should there be a security breach, our solutions address the specific actions that need to be taken in order to insure your business’ sustainability and growth.

Our solutions include a wide range of services including: on site security & loss prevention manager, assets security, employees travel security & well being, investigations, theft prevention, etc.

loss Prevention services

SBY’s Loss Prevention Solutions help organizations avoid financial loss by predicting, preventing and managing theft and loss before they occur.

We start by conducting a loss risk analysis/assessment to understand where there are opportunities for both intentional and unintentional loss within the organization.  We look holistically, including physical operations as well as processes and procedures which might be ‘leaking.’ Based on the results of the assessment, we provide detailed recommendations and plans to prevent potential losses, and when necessary, our team will execute the required procedures and other necessary means to identify the cause and prevent future occurrences.

We employ a wide range of solutions including: consulting services for loss prevention policy specifications, innovative prevention methods using technology, HR definitions and responsibilities, establishment and training of organizational loss prevention units, and on-going loss prevention operational management – on or off site.

education & awareness

One of the main causes of organizational loss is the lack of employee awareness and training. Therefore, it’s essential that your employees are trained properly to prevent costly breaches.

Our training program is designed for mid-level managers and executives to help them identify failure points within their areas of responsibility, assist the Loss Prevention Department in formulating plans to mitigate them and how to handle them.

The training covers the following domains HR, Finance, Security and Operations. It will increase loss prevention awareness amongst all employees.

Participants benefit from advanced job training, expanding their scope of knowledge and capabilities based on established international loss prevention techniques and measures.

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SBY Solutions is a boutique security company providing personal and corporate security services to clients around the world.

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